The return of the weekly specials after more than 20 years

We have started, or more accurately restarted, our weekly specials to bring you more deals, more often. We were the first table tennis retailer to offer weekly specials almost 20 years ago, and we decided to bring them back. Each special will be valid for four weeks, so there will always be 4 active specials. We will offer products from all our 20+ brands and product categories. Whether you are a champion or club player, play in school or in your home, you can find a product that you want at a great price. But hurry, once the quantity we’ve allotted for each special is sold out, the item reverts back to regular price.

Right now we have great offers on the andro Rasant Rubber (all six types, save 31%), Donic Waldner 5000 Racket (save 30%), TSP Mirai shirt (save 33%) and, our newest one, the Stiga Retractable Anywhere Set (save 30%).

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