Special News: andro Rasanter

As part of the Ping Pong Depot community, we wanted to give you a heads up on a big product introduction from andro, a top German manufacturer of high quality table tennis equipment. At end of May, PPD will be receiving our first shipment of the new Rasanter series of table tennis rubber sheets.

Why Is This Such A Big Deal?

Because these new rubber sheets have already been released in Europe, and the response has been overwhelming! Andro underestimated the demand. They are getting them produced as fast as they can, but their anticipated production cannot meet the demand until Fall. As a consequence, they are rationing the number of sheets they send to each country. PPD will only receive a very limited quantity at a time and our first shipment is expected at the end of this month. Every six weeks, we can receive more, but if demand mirrors what andro has experienced in Europe, we expect each shipment to sellout about as quickly as we receive them.

What’s The Big Secret?

We want to give you, our loyal customers, a chance to order these new rubber sheets before their official arrival and before your fellow players have a chance to get their hands on some, and probably before they even know of their existence. These new rubbers promise such a performance advantage over all current rubbers that whoever adopts them first will take that advantage into their matches until the rest of the crowd catches up. Go to our website to pre-order these rubbers to ensure you’re one of the early adopters of this new technology.

How Do I Get Mine?

Simply click on the banner below and you will be taken to our webpage to select the rubber in your choice of color, sponge thickness, sponge hardness, and optimized topsheet. Keep reading below for more information on the technology and engineering behind this trend-setting rubber series. Ordering now, instead of waiting until the rubber actually arrives, will guarantee that you will be one of the first to get this outstanding new rubber. But due to the very short supply, we are restricting all orders to only 4 sheets at a time until we can receive a larger supply.


What’s So Special About These New Rubbers?

As you may recall from a few newsletters ago, rasant means fast in German. Rasanter, of course, means faster. So that gives you a hint of what these new rubbers promise. But the performance advantage goes far beyond just being faster. Let’s explore this new technology in depth.

What problem are these rubbers trying to solve? It’s been almost 3 years since the changeover to the 40+ poly balls. These new balls are now the standard ball used in all sanctioned tournaments. Compared to the celluloid 40 ball that preceded it, the 40+ ball is about 0.5 mm larger in diameter on average. In addition, the poly material is slicker and smoother than celluloid. Combined, these two characteristics result in a loss of spin and speed when identical force is applied to a 40+ poly ball compared to the celluloid 40 ball.

Ever since the switchover to poly balls, table tennis manufacturers have been trying to make up for that loss. andro has now done so with the introduction of their Rasanter series.

But What Exactly Makes These New Rubbers So Much Better?

First, let’s take a look at the topsheet. andro engineers have significantly thinned down the topsheet to only 1.7 mm thick. This extremely thin profile, combined with a new pimple geometry, results in a larger contact area to provide a significant spin gain even at low impact speeds.

Rasanter offers two topsheet versions: V (for Velocity) and R (for Rotation). The pimple geometry is the difference between these two. The V version has smaller pimples spaced farther apart than the R version, which has fatter pimples arranged more closely together. The V pimple geometry maximizes the catapult effect of the sponge, while the R version maximizes the contact area with the ball and allows for stronger surface tension.


The topsheet’s surface grip has also been enhanced. Still a grippy European-style top sheet, not a super-sticky Chinese-style topsheet. It has a glossy finish with superior grip to other European-style rubbers.

Next, let’s move on to the sponge layer. The sponge developed for Rasanter has a smaller cell structure compared to all other Tensor sponges. This results in a bigger catapult effect for a noticeable speed increase. In addition, by making the topsheet thinner, andro can make the sponge layer thicker. Their new Ultramax sponge is a luxuriously thick 2.3 mm, the thickest available. So smaller cell structure and denser, thicker sponge means more power potential.


andro offers their sponge in a variety of densities to suit virtually all attacking and all-round playing styles. The V version comes in 42 or 47 hardness sponge; whereas, the R version comes in 37, 42, 47, or 50. 37 is considered soft and is favored by players wanting to enhance the spin and control aspects of the rubber. 50 is a hard sponge and used by players with well-developed strokes who strike the ball with a lot of force and who emphasize power in their games. 42 is a medium sponge that provides more speed than 37 but retains excellent feel and control. 47 is medium hard and is favored by players who want the higher speed and extra power of a hard sponge but with more control than the 50 sponge.

Combined, the topsheet and sponge are a marvel of table tennis engineering. The 2 topsheets and 4 sponges make it possible to ideally match one of these 6 rubbers to your playing style.

Can I Still Get The Rasant Rubbers?

We know from our sales that a lot of you are fans of the Rasant rubbers. Unfortunately, andro has announced they will no longer make any Rasant rubbers, so after they’re gone, they’re gone forever. If you want any of those rubbers, now’s the time to get your favorite before they’re no longer available. To get some, here’s a convenient banner to take you to our webpage to quickly select and order your favorite Rasant rubber.


Which Rasanter Rubber is Most Similar To My Favorite Rasant Rubber?

For those of you who already use Rasant, and are ready to make the leap up in performance to Rasanter, here’s a handy chart that shows the Rasanter model that most closely resembles the Rasant model:


Show Your Rasanter Colors!

Along with these new rubber sheets, andro is stepping up its Rasanter hype with some eye-catching bling. Deep black and bright green is the color palette that makes their design really pop. These accessories also won’t arrive until the rubber does, but you can pre-order now by clicking the banner below.


After you sheath your blade in a sheet or two of Rasanter, add that finishing touch of class with Rasanter Side Tape. It comes in widths of either 10mm or 12 mm and lengths of 5M or 50M. Besides looking great, this side tape helps prevent damage to the side edges of your blade and rubber.

And, of course, you also want to protect that shiny new topsheet with a Rasanter Rubber Protection Sheet. Before you put your racket away, clean the rubber and then roll on the Protection Sheet. This prevents the rubber from getting dirty or oxidized and helps preserve the rubber’s grip so it’s ready to go at full strength the next time you play. These Protection Sheets can be used over and over for the life of the rubber.

When you’re ready to compete, stroll out onto the court looking sharp in your new Rasanter T-Shirt and fold your color-coordinated Rasanter Towel over the side bar of the table. Along with your Rasanter Rubber and Side Tape clad racket, you’ll be the fashion statement of the tournament!

Thanks for reading. All of us here at Ping Pong Depot hope this special email has been helpful and interesting. If there is anything that is of special interest to you, please let us know what it is so we can address that in future emails.

Play Pong & Live Long!

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