A very interesting article:

“It is often said that Badminton is the fastest sport in the world. A quick search on Google returns hundreds of sources that “certify” it. This is an example:

What’s the fastest sport in the world? Tennis? No. Soccer? Baseball? No and no. It’s badminton — in which the birdie, or shuttle, as the pros call it, can travel more than 200 mph.

Nonetheless, a subtle aspect can be spotted in the previous quote: the shuttle is the one travelling faster than anything else in other sports. But, is it really the most proper thing to consider when measuring the speed of a certain sport? We do not agree.

Even if the shuttle speed cannot be reached by a table tennis ball, the dimensions of the playing area, the net height or the playing strategy severely affect the sport’s speed. Let’s compare the next two videos:”


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The fastest sport? Table Tennis VS Badminton