PPD Team continues to grow to serve you better! Welcome Étienne! 

In the past year, we have doubled our staff to keep up with the rapid growth in our customers and sales. Since the beginning, we have always strived to offer the best products at the best prices, AND always with the best service. Our customer service manager, Angie, makes sure that all our customers get the most accurate information as quickly as possible. In order to continue to do that we were looking to add another table tennis expert, hopefully with the same passion as the rest of us, but maybe a little younger than some of us. In Etienne we found the ideal addition to our team. His experience, expertise, and love of table tennis will be obvious to you as well when you exchange e-mails with him, or talk with him on the phone. Along with Marc and Sandra, our excellent customer service team is here to serve you. Welcome aboard Étienne!

Étienne Paradis Plourde
  • 24 years old
  • I began playing table tennis when I was 12 at Club Tops in Repentigny. I was in an athletics-study program throughout high school with that same Club.
  • I continued in an athletics-study program in Cegep at Club Prestige.
  • Participated in numerous provincial tournaments, provincial and national championships, and tournaments in the USA.
  • Participated in different programs with the Table Tennis Federation of Quebec (TTFQ) as a player, training partner and coach. 
  • Head-coach at Club Tops since January 2017.
  • I have been playing in the Montreal league for the last 5 years.

I’m an athlete, passionate about table tennis. I like to get involved, learn, discover and share my knowledge. I will be delighted to share this passion with you and provide you with outstanding service at PingPong Depot.Étienne

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