Sponeta (Germany) and Ping Pong Depot: New Agreement

Sponeta GmbH, based in Schlotheim, Germany, and Ping Pong Depot, Montreal, Canada are very proud to announce their new agreement.  Sponeta has appointed Ping Pong Depot, as the new distributor for the Sponeta brand of recreational and professional table tennis tables and equipment for North America.


“We are excited to work with such a fantastic company that has been manufacturing table-tennis products for over 60 years.  Table tennis tables, made in Germany, by Sponeta, are delivered to over 90 countries, available in eight different styles and price points to meet any demand, be it for the purpose of leisure or competition.  Their wealth of experience and exceptional products are the reason they are one of the most respected and best-selling manufacturers of table-tennis tables in the world.  Every single product leaving their manufacturing sites is designed and constructed to the most stringent quality requirements.  The Sponeta brand is known for durability, quality and value. Our first container of tables is on the way and will arrive later this month. We will be officially launching our Sponeta product line this Friday. We look forward to this new opportunity and to working together for many years to come!”  Mitch Rothfleisch and Alain Bourassa (Owners, Pingt Pong Depot)

“We looked hard for the right partner in North America and we are very confident that, with Ping Pong Depot, we found a distributor that can do justice to the Sponeta table tennis line.  Their position as the Canadian leader in the distribution of leisure and competition table tennis products, combined with more than 30 years’ experience, as well as their attention and dedication to the needs of their customers, all lead us to believe that we are creating a lasting relationship that will make Sponeta table tennis number one in North America. Welcome Aboard Mitch and Alain!”  Ralf Meinhardt (General Sales Manager, Sponeta GmbH).

Capture d’écran 2019-06-04 à 06.39.43



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