Review of the andro Rasanter R42 Max by Thierry Verviers, coach


Blade: Victas Koji Matsushita Offensive
Forehand: andro Rasanter R42 Max Black
Reverse: andro Chaos 1.0 mm Red (long pips)

Type of player:

I am a modern-style defensive player that often twiddles my racket during points to switch from defensive mode to attack or counter-attack modes. I also play close to the table in attack and block-chop modes with the long pips.


As coach:
40 years of experience as a coach at the club, provincial, and national levels.

As a player:
I’ve been a practice partner for junior players of varying levels throughout the years.

Recent Issues:

I’ve been experiencing several problems with my game ever since the arrival of the plastic balls: (1) difficulty in controlling my forehand chops, (2) inconsistency in attack trajectories, (3) troubles with my forehand blocks and forehand smashes, and (4) my strokes have much less spin than they used to.

Up until recently, I’ve been using the Donic Acuda S1 Turbo 2.0 mm for my forehand, which is a very good rubber that allowed me to improve many of my problems, but not all of them.

I came across many good reviews of the andro Rasanter inverted rubber on the Internet, which prompted me to try the new Rasanter R42 max in the hope that it would help me solve the main problem in my game—lack of spin on my shots ever since the arrival of the plastic balls.

Here’s how andro describes their Rasanter R42:

Your profile is spin driven. You are looking for maximum grip.
As an advanced to high level player, you will benefit from medium 42° sponge hardness, taking full control on your spins.
Your style is versatile and you are smart enough to combine topspin potential with a superior feedback and control.
Add some extra speed in your stroke and the R42 will provide the dynamic performance you are looking for.

The following is what I think of the rubber after one month of intensive training (3 to 4 sessions per week).

Based on my personal experience with the Rasanter R42:
Speed 8.5/10
Spin: 9/10
Control: 9/10
Throw Angle: medium (easy to predict)
Density: medium
Weight: light for maximum thickness
Shot possiblities: this rubber is suitable for all kinds of shots
Durability: after 1 month of intensive training, the rubber almost plays like new
Dwell Time: Satisfactory

At the table:

The rubber is very good in terms of spin. Finally a rubber that allows me to change both the trajectories and the amount of spin, while also allowing me to exert a great deal of spin when needed 🙂

The speed of topspins and smashes is sufficient to win the points, although it is a bit slower than the Acuda S1 Turbo that I used to play with.

And the control, which is especially important for a defensive player, is also satisfactory.

In matches:


My serves have more spin in general and it is now easier for me to control the speed of my fast-serves thanks to the additional spin that I am able to exert on the ball.

Similarly, the short game is also easier to control. Short pushes are efficient, while the long pushes are easier to control and full of spin. Moreover, both forehand and backhand flips, as well as banana flips, are easier to execute.

The R42 is as efficient for close-to-the-table play as it is for mid-distance play when I have to counter-attack or attack from distance. Sidespins are particularly efficient.

Forehand chops are easier to execute since it is easier to predict and control the trajectory of the ball with the R42 than the S1. My chops also have more spin.


My smashes and some of my fast blocks often go into the net. I have yet to figure out the cause of this problem, but I speculate that it may be because of the low trajectory of the ball. Effectively, although the rubber is good for exerting spin, it seems to be less sensitive to incoming spin.


andro claims that this rubber is optimized for the plastic balls and it is true. My game has been deteriorating ever since the arrival of the plastic ball and I’m now happy that it is back to its peak thanks to the Rasanter 42!



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