From Butterfly: The High Performance Rozena

 High performance rubber Rozena, pursuing “tolerance”
  • Rozena employs the rose-dyed Spring Sponge technology as its name suggests
  • The newly developed top sheet utilizes High Tension technology
  • With sufficient power, Rozena helps compensate for subtle racket angles and directional swing errors, creating a sense of stability
  • A rubber of high tolerance!
  • Rozena, improves your play through ‘forgiveness’ and is recommended for players aiming for the top

rozena8.jpg      rozena9.jpg


  • Class: High-Tension Pimples-in
  • Surface: Pips-In
  • Speed: 13.0
  • Spin: 10.8
  • Density: 35

Sponge Density:

In the highly technical world of table tennis equipment, Butterfly strives to give our customers as much information as possible to help each person choose the equipment that best meets their needs. To that end, we are now publishing a list of Sponge Density Ratings. In general, the higher the number the denser (harder) the sponge. Players who swing harder prefer the harder sponges. The denser sponges have more stored energy but also require more racket speed to compress the sponge and release this energy. The all-round player or players with shorter strokes will prefer sponges with medium or softer sponges.



Guaranteed Best Prices:

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