Win Win Challenge: 2018 WTTTC

Every year the sport of table tennis crowns its World Champions. This year the World Championships will be in Halmstad, Sweden and will determine the new Men’s and Women’s Team World Champions. Will any country be able to knock off China, who is defending both titles?

Surprisingly, China isn’t seeded #1 in the Men’s Division, due to the recent change in how players are individually ranked. But despite this glitch, China is the overwhelming favorite based on the strength of their players and historical stranglehold at #1.

PPD is repeating its popular Win-Win-Win-Win-Win contest we ran in 2017 to pick the winners of the Singles and Doubles World Championships. But this time with a little twist to make things more fun—you get to guess the top 4 winners in the Men’s and Women’s Championship Divisions. And this year, we’re adding another challenge—pick whether the US or Canada will finish higher in Men’s Division 2!

We challenge you to match wits with the PPD Experts and also your friends. Make your selections and send your friends an email challenging them to see who’s the true expert. How well do you know the current field of teams and players? Show who knows the most about table tennis! Challenge your friends to enter this contest to see who is the real Ping Pong Whiz and if you can beat the PPD Experts (hint: our experts didn’t do so well last year!).

This is a fun challenge for you and your friends that will also help a deserving player. You can win a $100 Gift Certificate and then pay it forward by giving an additional $100 gift certificate to a deserving top table tennis champion (player of any age who is ranked in the Top 10 in an age category in their country). These gift certificates are as good as cash, so can be used on all brands, all products, and all items at regular price or on special—absolutely everything at! This year we added a bonus. If the winner is a subscriber to our PPD mailing list, he gets an additional $100 gift certificate. So make sure you a subscriber before we choose the winner.

Our challenge is simple. Show your expertise by correctly predicting the top 4 winners of the Men’s and Women’s Championship Divisions. And then also pick whether the US or Canada will finish higher in Men’s Division 2. The person who picks the most winners will win the two gift certificates (3 if you’re an email subscriber).  If more than one person ends up with the most correct predictions, we’ll have a drawing to determine the winner.

Click on the banner above to go to our special contest page for full details and to start picking your winners. Challenge your friends to see who is the real Ping Pong Whiz. Or see if you can do better than our in-house experts (Mitch, Larry, Thierry, Yang, Marc, and several others). Their choices will be revealed in the coming days on the contest page. It’s fun, it’s easy. Entries close in just 16 days, on April 29, when the World Championships begin in Halmstad, Sweden. Good luck!



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