You’ve run out of ideas ? Come see everything we have to keep you busy!


If you are looking for activities to do at home or in your yard now that the good weather has returned, check out these different categories. You’ll find ideas and everything you need.

Outdoor tables Midi or mini tables Robots


Get an outdoor table or a robot and you can have fun outdoors as well as indoors.

If you’re short on space, why not try our midi or mini tables?

You can get back in shape and keep the kids busy too.


4 seasons rackets Balls collector Net for various tables

If you don’t have room, even for a mini-table, we have what you need: a retractable net that fits on just about any table. And it comes with 2 rackets.

Don’t forget to get 4 seasons rackets. That way, no worries if your kids forget the rackets outside.

And if you’ve bought a lot of balls to play with your robot or make baskets of balls, like many of our customers, you’ll need a ball collector to pick them up faster and save your back some trouble.

Outdoor fun games Swimming pool games All for the pickleball

We also have lots of fun games to keep you entertained in your yard. And if you have a pool, check out our water games.

And this would surely be the time to introduce you to pickleball, one of the most popular sports in recent years.



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