Why did I go from Butterfly Tenergy to Donic Bluestorm?

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Why did I go from Butterfly Tenergy to Donic Bluestorm?

I’ve been playing a few years with Butterfly Tenergy. I was satisfied with my rubber and I did not ask any questions. However, during the last few years, the price of my rubber did not stop rising. It got to the point where I began to find them way too expensive. But considering the reputation of Tenergy, I continued to replace them regularly, despite their cost. And then one day, after seeing the performance of some players in my club who were not playing with Tenergy, I wondered if some other rubber could possibly suit me. But hey, it’s risky to change rubber in the middle of a season.

Adina Maria Cuchirita - Championnat Canadien de Tennis de Table 2018

With an open mind to looking for a good replacement for Tenergy, during a Sports Expert – Donic tournament, I decided to go explore the equipment kiosk, more out of curiosity and not really being decided yet. Alain came to ask me what I was looking for. So I thought, why not? I told him my requirements. They were simple: as good or better than Tenergy and cheaper.

Alain asked me if I had tried the new Donic Bluestorm. I said no. He shared with me the positive comments of several players and coaches who had tried them. He recommended Z2 for my forehand and Z1 for my backhand. I was hesitant, but when he told me the price, I thought, Why not, go try it!

I had warned my coach that I might change the brand of rubber in the next few weeks as there were no major competitions coming up and my Tenergy needed to be replaced. And then came the first time I used my new Bluestorm in my personal training. First surprise from my coach: why Z2 on my forehand and Z1 on my backhand? Should it not be the other way around, as harder sponges usually go on the forehand and softer sponges on the backhand?
Adina Maria Cuchirita - Championnat Canadien de Tennis de Table 2018

After the technical warm-up and some multi-ball drills, there were no more questions from my coach. Actually he was quite pleased with the way I was playing with my new rubber sheets. Well, I’d be lying if I said that there was no period of adaptation needed, but it was much faster than expected.

In addition, I was in transition regarding my game style. I went from a quick counter-attack game close to the table to an all-round game that also included mid-distance play, side-spins and even lobs. The softer sponge on my forehand allowed me more flexibility in the type of shots I could execute from that side. And my Donic Bluestorm allowed me to do all of it without any problem. For my coach and me, it was settled – we keep them.

Adina Maria Cuchirita - Championnat Canadien de Tennis de Table 2018

Last worry – my short game, my serves, and my returns. My serves improved a great deal and they created more confusion from my opponent. Short and medium pushes were easy to control and effective. My banana flips were more curved with more spin and more troublesome to my opponent. My topspins were spinny, regular, effective, and deadly.

So I decided to keep playing with Bluestorm the rest of the season until my peak competition, which would be the Canadian Junior Championships that would take place in Vancouver in early July.

Adina Maria Cuchirita - Championnat Canadien de Tennis de Table 2018

This year’s Junior Championships would be my last, as I cross over into the seniors next year, and I wanted to make the most of this opportunity. My results were the best of the season and my best results at the Canadian Junior Championships in many years. I won the bronze medal for the girl’s singles under 18, another bronze medal for the junior girl team and a silver medal, with my partner Mariana Ramirez, in the girl’s doubles under 18.

In conclusion, I recommend Donic Bluestorm rubber sheets. Take the time to test them.
Adina Maria Cuchirita

Quebec Team– Elite Section

Canadian National Team – Junior Section



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